Would you like to reach out to more potential customers?

Raise your profile in the local area?

Connect with other local companies?

Looking for ideas and help to grow your business?

Unsure why your business is struggling?

Are you in a saturated market, and need to stand out from the crowd?

As well as positive customer reviews and competitive pricing, customers recognise quality, appreciate great customer service and want to buy from a company that keeps its promises.  

Small Business Review

Together we can look at your current operation, review processes and ways of working and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Competitor Research

Let us look into what your competitors are doing and help get new ideas flowing to attract new customers and increase repeat business.

Low Cost Advertising and Marketing 

We know small businesses don't have a pot of cash to spend on fancy advertising.  Working together within your budget, we can explore local low cost advertising and marketing methods to kick-start or revive your business and assess its effectiveness to ensure every penny of your money is spent wisely.